Tips for Experiencing the Best Holidays on the Beach in Europe This Fall

Just as this year's fall season is kicking in, the oceans are changing, the beaches are emptying, and it's the perfect time to get a cheap beach vacation! Now is the time for you to go somewhere you can lay back and enjoy a calm beach destination. I strongly recommend a number of Mediterranean European beaches, since these beach destinations are merely beginning to close-up for the summer time rush.

5 Bargain Fall Vacation Destinations

Fall vacations can be expensive. A lot of times, you might feel like you can't find anywhere that isn't freezing cold! But the fact of the matter is that you don't have to leave town or really go much of anywhere when it comes to fall vacation. You can make a fun, cool vacation in your very own town!

Galveston, Texas in the Fall and Winter: A Super Travel Secret

It's the dream of every traveler - going to paradise and find you have the whole place to yourself. Well, there's a place and time like this and I'll tell let you in on it, but you must keep it to yourself.

With the advantage of a nearly year-round temperate climate, off-season travel on the island of Galveston, Texas is the super-secret paradise of the Gulf Coast.

SeaWorld San Diego Review - Fun Things to Do and Experience and Info About Tickets and Passes

There is a lot to experience and enjoy at SeaWorld San Diego. It's a top destination spot that offers everything from a 280,000-gallon aquarium to thrill rides. It offers a combination of thrills and educational experiences. If you want to go on vacation in Southern California, this place should be at the top of your list.

Snowdonia Attractions: Bodnant Gardens

Enfolded around the luscious green Conwy valley sits the emerald gem that is Bodnant Gardens. With glorious views over Snowdonia, this 80-acre garden offers what feel like a land full of botanical discoveries. Here you are welcomed to visit the many different parts of the garden that make it so unique but perfect for so many visitors. Open from March through to November, there's so much you can expect to see.

The Most Famous Temples in China

China has recently been hitting the headlines more for its booming economy, but holidaymakers don't flock in their droves to the fourth biggest country in the world for that, instead choosing to discover its iconic landmarks.

How Safe Is Kenya? Practical Security Advice For Your African Holiday

With an average of one million tourists arriving each year, tourism is Kenya's number one industry, and vital to the nation's economy. However, the "Dark Continent" has a reputation: life is cheap, violence is brutal and Kenya's capital is commonly referred to as "Nairobbery". But how accurate is this picture? What is the reality for ordinary tourists visiting the world's premier safari destination? This article examines the security situation in Kenya and suggests practical measures you can implement to stay safe during your visit.

Singapore Tips For The First Time Visitor

Singapore is quite different to anywhere in South East Asia. It probably always has been but the modern affluent Singapore is where it is today because of Lee Kwan Yew who could best be described as a benevolent dictator, as well as his successors who have continued the process of making downtown Singapore one of the top city centres anywhere.

Slum Tours: Good or Bad?

The image of a group of affluent white tourists with intrusive cameras staring at poor people is reasonable cause to be outraged at "Slum Tourism". As community engagement and responsible travel become more popular principles, so the slum tourism concept gains strength. This article will describe what this concept is; examine its benefits and pitfalls; and give tips on how to participate in such tours ethically and responsibly.

Fall's the Perfect Time for a Grand Canyon Airplane Tour

Summer's over and the temps are cooling down, meaning now's the perfect time for air tours of the Grand Canyon. Sure, the number of visitors at the National Park slows down during autumn, but Grand Canyon airplane tours are popular throughout the year. That means you'll still need to book your flight in advance.